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Welcome to  the Australian National Trust classified Historical Town of Northampton, Western Australia.

The Northampton Caravan Park is ideally located for your trips to the Kalbari National Park, Horrocks Beach, The Pink Lake near Port Gregory and is a fantastic fishing area filled with history and charm.

When visiting Northampton you have a chance to visit a rich past. Before European settlers arrived here there were Aborigines in the area. You can see some aboriginal paintings in the sheltered overhangs at Bowes River Road.

More recently the townsite of Northampton was founded. In 1848 Welsh and Cornish miners began mining lead and by 1855 copper mining had also commenced.

In 1864 the township of Northampton had been declared. Below you will see part of the main street today.

The Lynton Convict Hiring Station was established in the 1850´s to supply labour and Port Gregory served as the port for exporting the mined minerals.

In 1879 the first public railway of Western Australia was opened between Northampton and Geraldton. The Northampton railway station has been restored with parts of the old track and bridges still visible for you to visit. On the main street you can also see one of the old carriages.

You can also visit the site of Northampton´s first bank (1908), Chiverton House (c.1895). Or step into the past in the Northampton Family Store where you really can find everything. Northampton Family Store will give you a feel of what shopping was like in years gone by as old-fashioned service and original fittings help visitors step back in time.

Be sure to stop into the Northampton Visitor Centre and ask about the original Gwalla cemetery and church ruins. Get directions to the old mines and cottages. We will even tell you the history of Our Lady in Ara Coeli and the Old Convent.
Stay for a day and you will wish you could stay for a week.

Stay for a week and you will wish you never had to leave.